What the hack is a Googleword?

Googlewords are the analogon of AOL keyword:s. They lead to the most dominant website to this word(s) according to the Google-searchengines I'm Feeling Lucky™-feature.

Links on this page favour the Googleword instead of a hard-link.

Show me examples!

You found a nice Googleword? Communicate it to to have it included in the list!

How to use it?

Use the link Multiple words are joined by + like in and by - if they have to be in the given order like in

You can supply your own Googleword-mirror. Any mirror must use the common path /googleword/ to ensure stable, permanent links and results! Very simple instructions working with any Apache:

DirectoryIndex X.html
RedirectMatch seeother ^/googleword/([^X]+)$\&q=$1

I state the via eternal 2002-10-21T17:00+02:00/. First beta-version startet 2002-07-11T00:00:00+02:00, second beta transitioned from to started on 2002-07-21T01:57:00T+02:00.

Where to use it?

Ideal for newsgroup-postings where people ask for some unfindable information and you would reply STFW anyway. Just supply them with the simple Googleword like kingpin or RTFM – in this special case u could have used the /dict/RTFM too – but that is another story.